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Angel of Water provides an effective way to clean your colon (large intestine) without the help of a nurse.One of the major functions of the large intestine, which is the last stop before faeces leave our Body, is to absorb minerals and water.

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Colon Cleanse Durban

Water is the primary substrate of our bodies, the very essence of life. Since 1500 B.C. water has been used to create a hydrated and hygienic internal environment. ‘The Angel of Water’s’ advanced design now brings elegance, simplicity and dignity to colon hydrotherapy,

‘The Angel of Water’ Surround-a-gravity fed, open design-is the premier colon hydrotherapy system and is the first choice for hospitals and clinics around the world. Whether used prior to endoscopic or radiological exam, as a pre¬operative prep procedure. or for preventative maintenance programs, “The Angel of Water’ is the safest, simplest and most effective solution.



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Healthier hair and skin
Comfort & Relaxation
We offer comfort and relaxtion
Improved immune system
Increased energy levels
Improved Absorption
Improved absorption of nutrients
Excess weight removal
Reduction of excess weight
Toxin removal
Removal of all toxins
Your body has to get rid of waste. Its literally a matter of life and death. Our environment – and, more importantly, our food – is riddled with toxic chemicals. A clean colon is critical to good health, and your colon must be clean to properly eliminate waste.